Death By A Thousand (Lack Of) Zs

I am exhausted. Is it like this forever? God, I hope not. Some people say the tiredness lasts forever now that you have children. Really? Will there be no reprieve?


I remember seeing a woman while getting Georgia’s vaccinations who told me something I keep repeating to myself: “Parenting is 95% shit and 5% amazing”. Oh how I wish I heard this  before giving birth. I needed to lower my expectations… and then lower them again. And again.

I know I could leave my little one with my parents for a night but I can’t bring myself to do it. They shouldn’t have to suffer the same sleepless nights – after all, they’ve already been through it and being a grandparent should involve all the ‘good’ stuff associated with raising children – not the crap stuff.


People tell you to “sleep when the baby sleeps” but they neglect to mention that some babies only sleep while being held by mum. Georgia is one of those rare snowflakes.

My precious little bundle, whom I love with all my heart and soul, will not fucking sleep unless I am rocking her and holding her close to my heart. Apparently she needs to hear my heartbeat. Ultimately it’s so adorable that I feel like an absolute monster complaining about it.


Thankfully she’s also totally and completely besotted with my mother, her Oma, so I can sneak a quick shut eye when she’s nestled up in her arms.

The nights are slowly getting better. She’s sleeping for longer stretches, I’m talking 4-5 hours! AMAZING! But the poor pumpkin suffers from silent reflux so after her first night feed at around 3:30am little G spends the next 2 hours withering around in pain as we take turns trying to soothe her.

95% shit? Make that 96%.

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